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A couple of items


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First off, my ideas on what the controls will be for the psp conversion:


Secondly, an image to illustrate the output res difference, (this is the are where there will be the biggest difference between the PSP and PS2 as graphical areas can be made a lot smaller as there is less need for quality helping to go from 4.7 gig to 1.8 gig)


Thirdly, (yes couples are 2), a fake screen, notice illumination, reflections, shadows and the lcd seperators


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Er... You mean GTA LCS? I don't think Gran Tourismo 3 is even coming out on the PSP, none-the-less will it be called Liberty City Stories. GT4 is coming out on PSP, though.

no way GT4 is coming out for the PSP that is so cool now that will be another reason for me to get the PSP now sweat :D

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