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TGTAP UK Meet-up?


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Damn, my plan's been foiled.

What I should probably do is meet up with someone in Scotland or Northern England before I attend one of these things, I've only ever had experience going to the City of Stirling alone and that's about it. I've never been to anything bigger by myself, nevermind getting there on a train, plane or bus by myself with a bunch of strangers to get to London or something. The journey's just far too long for me right now - it's a matter of age and lack of experience, the transport system in Britain is getting more dangerous now.

I ought to go to Edinburgh and Newcastle on my own a few times to get the hang of it before going to London, Brighton and Burgess Hill in the summer for a second year. I'm almost 16 so it shouldn't be a problem then - no need for parental consent.

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Oh I can see now where this is going, sounds like we're all gonna have a lot of fun there :D

I kid I kid. As for the meeting up part... yeah we might not immediately recognise each other at first... but we can just exchange numbers before hand and just phone each other when we arrive and explain whereabouts we are... simple.

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If your all meeting up in one exact location I doubt you'll have much trouble finding each other. If you think it's going to be a problem you could always force Chris to hold up a sign saying "TGTAP Cool Crew Come Here". Not only will this make it easier to find each other, but you can also enjoy all the randoms giving Chris funny looks!

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Obviously, as soon as we knew a female would be there that was it... we started seriously organising this shit.

We know what's gonna happen. She knows what's gonna happen. It's all good.

In all seriousness I dunno. Someone suggest something they'd like to do... we'll do it. I mean I doubt we'll actually be drinking and just bumming around for the entire day... I could do that here if I wanted :P

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