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No interest in this game? *spoilers*


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I just got this like 3 days ago, I found it to be very well thought out. It was my favorite out of the three story lines, especially since it filled most, if not all, the plot holes.

I completely hated Mori. I thought Yusif was hilarious and the missions were super fun. I thought the name sounded super familiar from Niko's story line. The union worker thing. Connections were epic. Especially the Bulgarian thing. I was wondering what would go with him and Niko, but looks like he's no longer a problem :P

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Yeah, like the setup that

Billy made with the heroin with the Triads

was a surprise. I thought him and Brian just went and hid somewhere, lol. The diamond deal was well explained with this part. I loved how the

bum found them on the last cutscene.

just because of ALL the trouble each character went through with them :P

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I enjoyed the TBoGT over TLaD. TBoGT is more of what I would prefer to do than the all the biker stuff. Anyone notice the change of the colour of the environment in TBoGT, it gets darker later and there are loads of pink sunsets.

I hated Mori as well. Yusuf was quite fun. Tony was a bit struck out but that's okay given the situation he was in. I hated Rocco and Vince too. I loved this view of the game, it's the best out of the three despite its short length.

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