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Please remember to use spoiler tags guys.

After seeing posters for this film I got extremely excited as I'm very big on my 'end of the world' type films. When I finally got the chance to watch it I was let down. The film could have really have done without the mushy divorced parents and the little children. I also thought the ending was appalling, I mean they

let all the people on the ship look outside and they made it seem like everything was perfect with happy music, the divorced parents happy again, the beautiful sunset... erm WHAT? The whole world has just sank into itself and over 6 billion people are dead. Those 3 ships are supposedly all that's left of the human race and everyone seems chummy all of the sudden?

Ugh. The video effects were awesome though.

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The beginning of the movie was so awesome that it ruined the ending a bit with all that mushy stuff.


everyone's about to die in a few minutes and the father's still persuading his son from helping him nicely? In a life and death situation like that, it would make more sense if the father yelled at him :lol: and I was expecting a better ending with everything in ruins rather than everything being alright

Then again, who would thought of a better ending? hehe

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The effects and the way it was shot was good, with all the graphic stuff but to me the storyline just seemed poor, like most films these days, I am not sure why this happens but I have to go back a while to actually think of a movie that was well written and had everything good about it. All I ever see now is a good action packed movie with loads of stunts (Transformers 2) but with poor writing in it. I mean halfway through the movie you knew the ending which to me is not the sign of a great film. Agree with Mpilk's spoiler comments to. A sequel to 2012 would be interesting though.

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This was a great film. The video effects were good.

Same here Mplik, as I'm very big on my 'end of the world' type films.

I'll be laughing in 2013

Same with me MPLIK, as I'm very big on my 'end of the world' type films.

This was a good film. yeh the divorced parents and children parts weren't good.

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@Steam :


It's obvious you haven't even seen the movie, I thought that 2012 was the best movie I've ever seen in 2009 other than Alvin and the Chipmunks. Oh and by the way,

They where in ARKS, not spaceships. They moved to Africa, because it was the highest point in the world.

It was not necessary to burst out with swears like that anyway.

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I loved it, I don't care if it's a grasp, Obviously if you are going on the E-ticket ride that Mr. Roland Emmerich offers you, You have to have SOME idea what that entails? From what I read, some people still didn't know what they were getting.

I loved ID4 as well, but from the deleted scenes, you know they had some ideas that were better left grounded (biplane attack on the alien mothership!??)

Anywho, the point is, some of the best graphics I've seen in an end of the World pic, and most of it I could accept as possible. I really enjoyed it and I'm an old geezer

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