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GTA 3 New Maps

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I am going to say that I want to create a mod like the intercity highway(THANKS ODIE!) but it goes around the city and through the city. I want it to kinda be like the RealGTA3 but the cars are the same and the new map should be fun for everybody. Like maybe a highway with a stuntpark and a few new cars. If this is added almost all GTA 3 players will like it. So if you want to help then just let me know and I will get some help try to put it into the game. I'll need someone to do textured if you want them to have color and lines and stuff. I can do models good. I suck at textures. I want to create one of the first multi-use mods for GTA 3. I think GTA IV is good and stuff but no one focuses on GTA 3 anymore. Pretty soon GTA IV will be that way(In like 5 years or so). I'm bringing back GTA 3. Use MapEditor if you need help on placements.(I didn't create it,Tonywob created v0.1a) It's a useful tool for viewing the maps before you see them.(Trust me, it feels like junk when you work hard on a new map and it turns out with objects in the wrong place and stuff)I also want to thank whoever created the Real GTA3 Mod. It was really fun for me and I'm sure it was for alot of other people! I am working on a map called the GTA 3 Multi-Use Map. It will include a: 1 stuntpark, 1 highway, 2 new bridges(connecting Portland and Staunton Island, and Staunton Island and Shorside Vale, 5 other ideas(not from me, but I might help you on them)and the normal GTA 3 Map.


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