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Why is my xbox being an idiot


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Time line explains it all

Dec 25th, 2009 - i get my new xbox 360, Works fine

Dec 28th, 2009 - i start to get some minor freezes now and then

Jan 2nd, 2010 - i get Major Freezes

Jan 3rd, 2010 - i get a red ring of death ( 3 quandrants )

Jan 5th, 2010 - i left my xbox for a few days and i try it again, It works

Jan 9th, I recive once again another red ring onf death ( same as last time )

Jan 11th, 2010 - i try once more but this time i frezze at the xobx start up screen ( xbox ball rolls in )

Jan 13th, 2010 - My xbox wont turn on now, ive check all wired and everything is plugged in right

There you have it, Microsofts cruel joke.. Please note my xbox didnt come to any water damage or falling down

Its been taken care of..


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Fuck sake, I thought MS had eradicated that problem. It's still putting me off getting one, if that happens that quickly. Send it back for a replacement, I wouldn't bother trying any hot towels or anything like that, best to make sure you get a replacement.

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