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Scion Murasaki Street Racer game

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The launch of the 2010 xB Release Series 7.0 is officially here - so I wanted to let you guys know that Scion is introducing the Murasaki Street Racer online game! (I tried reaching out prior to posting but never heard back, so hope it's cool to share this info with you all!) Competitors are called to challenge each other for the highest score and unlock special achievements within the game – including the Murasaki Purple xB. Invite friends and build your crew to race for glory on the high score leader board.

Want to get in on the action? Become a fan of the Scion Release Series Fan Page on Facebook!


Furthermore, the new xB Release Series 7.0 is up for grabs at Scion dealers now. Only 2,000 of this limited edition Murasaki xB will be built, each featuring:

- DAMD Body Kit

- Color-Tuned Fabric Seats with Embroidered "RS" Logo

- TRD Lowering Springs

- TRD Sport Center-Exit Exhaust

- RS Shift Knob

- Individually Numbered Etched Stainless Steel Badging

So what do you guys think of the xB's new look?

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Firstly, before yoy try to advertise through forums, know your market. Most people here are still drawing cars with crayons. Ones with rocket boosters and guns, not with the aerodynamic capabilities of a KFC megabucket.

Secondly, if i were to buy that thing, I'd hope it doesn't handle anything lie it does in that there game. I'd rather pay a homeless guy to attack me with a spade whilst I'm gagged, bound, greased and in shackles whilst i try to escape. It'd definitely be safer.

Moved to vehicles and kept open for further discussion on this atrocity upon sight. OP, banned, however.

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Around here, tC owners are just as bad as Mustang owners. Cocky with cars that don't put out. Slow tC's and Mustangs that handle like bricks. Yum. I just don't like Scion :/

Saaame here. Me and my dad ride around in our '09 Corvette (Z06), and we beat the shit out of both on the freeway. They try to race, but we're looooong gone :lolbounce:

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