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[SAMP][0.3] New York Roleplay


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Presenting to you, New York Roleplay [0.3]

Now with Ventrilo Ventrilo/Server IP's are at the bottom of the page!

New York roleplay is founded by Charls & Will, The server was created mainly around 6 months ago, since then alot of new, updated functions have been implented into the server, making it excellent for a roleplay community, We have had a couple of disaster as of forums issue, or server issue, one as the host wasn't as good as they thought it was.

But we are finally back, out of all the tangles and twists we got into, we got out of them, and now have a 24/7 server, open and ready for those new players! We have only 50 player slots as of we don't need anymore, once we reach the '40' player mark, we will upgrade!

We have had some major updates, and some minor updates, we have made a very short list for you to see what kind of things our server has, and what can be used!

•Dynamic Housing - Deletes & Comes back when you logout/login! - No LAG!

•Ventrilo - For that ultimate gaming experience

•Fruit Madness - "Submission" little way to make some fast money!

•Drug System - "Drug Run" for drugs, then you can buy it from the Drug den!

•Material System - "Mat Run" for materials, then if you want, sell it either to players or the Automated shop!

•Mayor Tax / Tax - It isn't cheap to live in New York, you have mayor tax and normal Tax! (See the mayor for further details)

•Over 24 Factions/Gangs - There is plenty to choose from, from a Gang member, all the way to a pilot!

•New York Airlines - Your in charge of the airport, hire staff, close the gate, and sell tickets for different states! - Will be very good once we have around 80 players, Then LV/SF may be used!

•Anti AFK - You have to atleast move to get your payday....

Our Administration team are slick, but are always helpful also! if you need any help, just ask an administrator via the /askq command. We are sure that you will get help, and if not, we will be hiring more staff, so it may be your lucky day!

on the other hand, if you for somewhat reason dont get the help you need, you can ask other players via /n, or even the forums!

Reports on hackers will be dealt with swiftly and shortly, and our administration team has it all planned out and all configured over the forums, so if you have been banned for an unkown reason, you will get your reason with quality and perfection!

We have just bought a ventrilo server!, Much thanks to our member for paying it for us! - The vent slots will upgrade when we need more!

If you are interested in how many players we averagely have online, i would say it is around: 9, we have reached 15, and on our old server [same server, just around 2 months ago] we reached 27 players! We are hoping to reach 27 again, and way beyond!

Website: http://nyrp.co.uk

Forums: http://nyrp.co.uk/forums/

WebMaster: Charls

Server IP Address:

Ventrilo IP: || 4291

Ask [Vent Support] for your name register, or an admin!

- Not impressed with New York Roleplay? please register up on our forums and tell us why!, we are more than greatful to know, and why whatever put you off our server from playing there! - If you could, please take the time to leave us a comment! - Or either PM me on SAMP Forums! both will be very much appreciated! and myself will update the script to your needs, and it will be more successful ! - Thank you.

New York Roleplay

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