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Videos are blacklisted by my computer

Vercetti Thug

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I'm back, and I need serious help.

Okay, so, about a month ago I was browsing the web as normal and suddenly certain videos and even music playlists refuse to show up, only allowing me sight of a little application box in the upper left corner of where the video should be. The same thing happens with certain advertisements. YouTube still works, however. Also, advertisements are being blocked in the same fashion on MSN and Yahoo. The reason im concerned about this is because I hadn't been doing any fiddling with much of anything - the computer itself just started doing it. Also, certain sites are now lost to me with the loss of their videos (not porn, they're anime sites). The only information I can offer is that I have SpyBot and AVG Free 8.5.

Note: SpyBot, just before the video troubles, listed the game "Diablo II" as a trojan and had it sent to the Virus Vault. The game itself was safe and is performing fine after I took it out and reinstalled it, so I have reason to suspect SpyBot is the problem, though i'm not sure why.


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