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Favourite secrets, easter eggs, glitches.

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I didn't make this a poll cos I know not many people would vote, also, there are too many secrets, glitches and easter eggs to list down.. So just post them.

Here are some of mine.

The ghost car in Back O Beyond. It's a murder scene, looks creepy but cool.

Next is the huge chicken in one of the towns in the desert.

Post here on some of your favourites. Have fun! :)

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??? It doesn't necessarily have to be secrets.. Glitches and easter eggs too.

And what do you guys think I mean by secrets? They are simple stuff like easter eggs only slightly different. Easter eggs are what you see on any posters in the game, secrets are ingame stuff that you see. e.g Ghost car: the murder scene

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??? It doesn't necessarily have to be secrets.. Glitches and easter eggs too.

And what do you guys think I mean by secrets? They are simple stuff like easter eggs only slightly different. Easter eggs are what you see on any posters in the game, secrets are ingame stuff that you see. e.g Ghost car: the murder scene

I am pretty sure that i know what the "secrets are in the game". They are hiden things in the game.

Well i tried something on the Mount Chiliad missions were you go to the finish line but don't finish and throw a grenade at them, then throw another one when they are going to get up then your position goes up to 1st. That was a easy one and it actually worked.

I have found piles of glitches but i couldn't take shots of them because i don't have a camera to do it. But one of the glitches was when my car blew up but before that a tank hit me I went flying but stayed in the air. I have some other glitches that I could share also soon.

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i encountered a glitch on 1 of the quarry missions where u deliver the 6 barrels of toxic waste or w/e to ur airstrip. when i lifted the bucket on the komatsu to deposit the barrels at the end of the mission i got a double insane bonus...

distance 6250, height 56, flips 0, rotation 1336.

unfortunately i saved game after instead of reloading and don't think i stand any chance of topping 1 of these records legitimately (certainly not the well over 1 mile jump distance). >.<

oh well, after 100% i'll just start another game. 86.10% currently.

edit: topped the rotation... 1820 NRG off chiliad :thumbsup:

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Ok some of my favourite secrets =). not found by me but these are best:

1 - Zombotech:

Go to San Fierro and located further up north from the Doherty Garage on your

right is the Zombotech Sky tower. Go inside and look about, it is surely going

to bring back memories of Resident Evil, both the game and the film. Also

inside is a very nice-looking double helix statue.

2 - Bio waste Well:

Go to Montgomery located just above Los Santos and go behind the OTB (Off

Track Betting) buildings. Hidden behind it is a closed up Well surrounded by

a fence with Biohazard signs on it. Just across the road is the Sprunk

factory, meaning that Sprunk is actually using a contaminated water source.

This appears to be a dig at Coca-Cola, who was forced to take their bottled

water off the shelves recently, due to its potential carcinogenic effects.

3 - Rockstar Action Figures:

Go inside Zero's RC Shop in San Fierro and have a look at the shelves. They

have boxes of Lance Vance, Tommy Vercetti and James Earl Cash (the lead from

Rockstar's Manhunt game) action figures. Zero's store also contains boxes for

RC versions of the Hydras, NRG 500s and Rhino's.

4 - Shady Industries:

In South-Eastern Los Santos, there is a building that reads "Shady

Industries". This refers to Eminem as the original of this exact building can

be seen in one of his videos.

5 - Catalina's Ex-boyfriends:

Next to the Catalina's cabin on Fern Ridge is a spade weapon pick-up. Next to

this are two shallow graves. Evidence of Catalina's shady past?

6 - Rusty Wheelchair:

There is a jetty sticking out above Fisher's Lagoon. At the end of this jetty

is a rusty wheelchair. The occupant is not to be found; yet this may relate to

the empty barrels that have been beached on the shoreline of the lagoon.

7 - Vice City Box Art:

There are 5 huge round silos south of San Fierro and just north of Mt.

Chiliad. The buildings to the west of them have low-resolution images of the

Vice City box art on the building walls.

8 - Suicidal Photographer:

Enter the Trailer park around the Los Santos Inlet and face east towards Los

Santos in the centre of the park and a person should spawn on the side of the

road near the water on your right. Go up to them and you will see they are

taking snapshots of Los Santos. After a while they will put the camera away

and slowly walk into the water and drown themselves.

9 - Ghost Graffiti:

Go to the Los Santos graveyard between 20:00 and 6:00 and look at the walls

and you will see several 'ghost tags' on the walls. During the day the tags

disappear and are nowhere to be seen. Spooky. Ironically, one of the tags

says 'Families 4 Life'.

10 - Jefferson Save Icon:

Another glitch it appears. In the Jefferson motel, one of the rooms has a

skylight in the roof. In this skylight, you can see a save icon drifting

halfway through the skylight. Also in this motel, in the mission 'Reuniting

the Families' when inside the hotel, follow the hooker into the apartment

room. Walk up to her and it will trigger a cut scene where she sees you are

hurt and you and her start smooching for a while, in the interim you obtain

full health. This can be done several times during certain parts of the


11 - Not Welcome Mat:

As you enter Big Smokes Crack Palace towards the end of the game, take a look

at his doormat. It features the Rockstar North logo and states 'Not Welcome'.

12 - Police Brutality:

Go to an Impound Lot such as behind the Police HQ in Los Santos and sometimes

you will see 2 police 'interrogating' a pedestrian. This entails the cops

beating the living snot out of the pedestrian. This is a reference to the

Rodney King beatings, which was one of the key factors leading up to the LA


13 - Self-abuse Statue:

If you re-enter the plaza in Los Santos in which you rescue Big Smoke from the

Russians, you can have a look at the statues without risking being shot. The

central statue is pleasuring himself, whilst the surrounding statues look on

in shock.

14 - Jackson 5:

If you take a walk over to Reese's Barbershop in Idlewood, LS, have a look at

the photographs of models on the wall. Reese's most famous customers perhaps?

15 - Taste Of Come:

After crashing through the billboard in the mission 'Reuniting The Families'

take a look at what it now says and prepare yourself for even more chuckles.

16 - Vice City Hidden Package:

Opposite the Watts towers in Los Santos in Ganton there is a small orange Tiki

shop with a huge statue of the cocaine filled Tiki statue, which resembles the

Hidden Packages in Vice City.

17 - Lemmings Pole:

Much like the Lemmings Egg in Las Venturas there is also a telegraph pole in

Los Santos that does this. There is a clucking Bell just north of Grove

Street. On the west side of the Clucking Bell's car park is the telegraph

pole. The pedestrians spawn halfway in the pole and then fall from the top to

their deaths.

18 - Dammed Lake:

In the Back O' Beyond is a brown lake that has been dammed off from the river.

If you get on the nearby quad bike and drive it slightly into the water,

rather than seeing the shape of the quad under the water, it is invisible.

This happens with any vehicle. Next to this lake is a rock that, along with

the surrounding ground, appears to glow at night. Both of these can be counted

as glitches but are fun to investigate none the less.

19 - Ghost Glendale:

In the Back O' Beyond, by the two horseshoe shaped hills, a scratched up

Glendale often spawns right in front of you and starts coasting down the slope

as if it was possessed. However, it isn't. It is basically to provide

transport for you so you don't have to run if you find yourself in the middle

of nowhere. The reason it 'drives' is due to the spawn point being above the


When it spawns, it drops and the impact makes it move forward, down the hill.

Many rumours are abound as to what made the scratches and dents on the

vehicle, as it is impossible to do that damage to a Glendale yourself.

Basically, there are two types of Glendale, the normal and the wrecked

version. The dents and scratches are there to highlight that the car is

damaged, and thus why it is abandoned. This occurs with several other types

of car as well, in various locations around San Andreas.

20 - Observatory:

There is an observatory on the top of Verdant Bluffs in south Los Santos.

This is a real life observatory in Los Angeles where the climax of the film

Rebel Without a Cause was filmed. It is also one of the highest points in L.A.

and has a view of the famous Hollywood sign. What is also noteworthy is that

this is one of the only areas in the game that you can see the following

pedestrian models: The Jogging Ped, complete with jogging outfit. And the

Cyclist Ped, complete with shorts and helmet.

21 - Vice City Maps:

Go outside the Cluckin' bell in Angel Pine and directly across the street are

3 lined up trashcans. 2 of them have open tops, knock them over and look

inside and you will see a bunch of maps of Vice City.

22 - Rockstar Constellation:

Look at the night sky preferably out in the wilderness and look at the stars.

You should see a constellation of stars in the form of the Rockstar Games

logo. A returning Easter Egg from Vice City.

23 - Girlfriend Photos:

In some of your Safe Houses when dating girls, there will be pictures of the

ones you are dating on pin boards and in photo frames. Some of them are quite


24 - Where Everybody Knows Your Name:

Next time you enter a bar, have a look at one of the signs next to the

toilets. It warns you to beware of Loose Women and Pickpockets.

25 - Real-time Screensaver:

Remain idle for a couple of minutes and the camera will now focus and zoom in

on activities going on in the area like people chatting, street fights, police

arrests etc. till you move your character. It's pretty much a real-time


26 - Bribe Erotic Dancers:

When inside a strip club you will see many erotic dancers. Walk up to them and

push 'Triangle' to throw money at them. They will pick it up and do an erotic

pose or move in front of you. The more you throw the more erotic the positions

and moves she will pull.

27 - Bouncy Boobs:

If you look carefully, female Ped models have bouncing boobs. Try looking at

the beach babes down at the beach or the Prostitutes down in your hood for

some more bouncy action.

28 - Pedestrian Fart Scenarios:

Occasionally some Pedestrians break wind and different reactions will occur

such as the other Peds running away.

29 - Nudity Exists:

Enter a Strip Club and look for the brown haired lady wearing black with her

breasts basically out and grab your camera and zoom in. If you look closely

you can see her nipple ring is visible and poking out. Also with the

schoolgirl stripper, if you look closely she is wearing a netted thong under

her skirt and when she is giving a private dance, you can see partial glimpses

of her special place. To see some more breasts, one of the prostitutes

wearing a small bikini has one of her nipples out.

30 - Free bike passengers:

This can be difficult to do, but is possible. Wait by a roadside for a bike

with two passengers to go past. Make sure you have the desert eagle equipped

and kill the driver. The passenger will fall off and either run or go back to

the bike. If you time it right, you can get on the bike as the passenger does

and drive off with them.

31 - Playing Pool with a Weapon:

Ever tried playing Pool without actually initiating the actual mini-game?

Well... it's possible, using a weapon in game. Try using the Sniper Rifle and

the balls will go insanely fast and knock everywhere- Sometimes they fly off

the table and get stuck in midair.

32 - Hidden Alternative Death Scene:

In the mission "Stowaway" if you jump out of the plane as soon as you get in

there a scene will prompt with you falling from the plane and smashing on top

of a car busting the doors off.

33 - Clown's Pocket Crane:

The crane behind the Clown's Pocket seems to have initially had a purpose;

most thinking it had something to do with the casino building idea that

Rockstar dropped. However, even though you can't lift up cars with this crane,

you can lift up the nearby boxes. And when you do, you can leave them floating

in mid-air!

34 - There's a Beagle In My House!:

In Fort Carson there is a house that suffers problems from an over-

enthusiastic beagle...No, not the dog, but the Beagle airplane that always

spawns halfway in the house.

Cheers ;)

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When i said : "not found by me" then this means not found by me and this means copied from another site... Actually from here. somewhere is a doc file available for download so i just copied the best to here. is that a crime?

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i was on a sanchez a few ours ago i was crossing a bridge from the dessert to san fiero and i fell off it and my bike went about 1000 feet in the air and landed probly inthe water what happened

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i like the one where you go into the gym in ganton, where you go in and use the jetpack cheat and fly up, into blackness, then you fly over and find the portal to blue heaven, once in blue heaven you can fly around and find the hidden tattoo parlor and lots of other stuff...

Ive killed 18,280 people and destroyed over 7,000 cars :coolthumbup:

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This is niether an easter egg, glitch, or secret, but a very fun and safe way to wage havoc in San Fierro is to get as many wanted stars as you can, then get into the magnetic crane on the docks. The cops cannot get you, and when the cop cars get close, you can pick them up with the crane and drop them on other cops.

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there have been a few times where i "fell through" loose lines of codeing one by the interstate near that houseing development near las venturas, today i used the re-up anybody cheaT and was running around with a gang of old ladys lol, but they always seem to blow themselves up, sometimes i think i play this game too much, lol

I`ve killed 20,974 people, blown up 9,451 cars started 5,359 fires and my criminal rateing is 128816

and someday...i`ll learn to put a cool picture right here :lolbounce:

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i have a strange glitch i put a modded remmington in the garage in sanfiero

along with these cars

FBI rancher

modded cheetah

fcr 900

and i left it there for a long time and when i came back the only car in the garage was the remington


it took me an entire hour to get that fbi rancher.

so i took it out of the garage and destroyed it :gappy:

replaced it with a blade that had hydrolics alond with another cheetah

and a stafford and it never happened again.

and sometimes if you put a remmington in any garage with a custom paintjob

and leave there for a while it turns white.

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I don't know if this is only on the Xbox version but sometimes when I'm just walking around I see some peds' heads stretched out like a beam. It only happens for a couple of seconds and I never seem to have the camera with me to get it. It just looks weird seeing the head just like a long beam and touching the ground but still funny. :rofl2:

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My fav glitch:

at wheelarchangels I pressed ''w'' to select the color and suddenly.......the car sped off screen and i got an insane stunt bonus


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a very funny glitch is when you have a BMX bike. Then hold square and bash x at the same time - CJ twists and turns into all sorts of funny shapes. Also, when you're all twisted up, just hold x to cycle and he might be upside down with his legs rotating over and over....

another glitch from me...

go to the gym in san fierro and enter the car wash place by the side of it. stand in the alleyway and look towards the building on the right - you will see people jumping off the edge of the building to their death - this is a clear homage to lemmings as rockstar are the company who made it.

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it is a glitch. u can see them walking up the wall too. and somtimes just walking on the edge of the wall. its a misplacement of pedestrian spawning. but it is a wierd coincidence that they made lemmings too.

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