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San An PC and console

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I'm not a modder, nor online player, so this thread should help people like me who are playing SanAndreas as single player on console or PC. I don't see a current thread off the top. In my case, I bought the PC version and finally got enough horse power to get it running at some good speed. The PS2 console in the past has never let me down and that's how I've played the previous GTA games. I took my PS2 controller over to the PC and laptops I use, so I could game with comfort in mind.

The keyboard and mouse are totally alien to me. I use keyboard gaming for MAME and Apple software from the 1980s though.

I would like to know how you cope with PC and console differences for one, I find it harder to game on the PC for a few reasons. One is certainly aiming in the direction you need or want to be facing! Auto and manually aim via the USB adapted PS2 controller gave me a different experience then using it natively on the PS2. I don't know why that is exactly, One might think the analog might actually be stepped up!

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well as far as i remember, on PC there wasnt really auto aim with keyboard/mouse (or i just never figured how to use it) but i do use keyboard and mouse for PC. i remember PS2 you could just press R1 and it would target somebody etc but as i said, not sure if you can do that on PC.

mind you i havent played GTA on PS2 for a long time, i lent my san andreas to a friend dunno if he still has it / knows where it is, and liberty city stories i just gave up on.

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