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NO missions to get access to 2nd island!

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Get to 2nd island early! By doing no mission! (Apart from the 1st one which you have to)

OK, so if you want to do the easy way, after the 1st mission, kill yourself or drive to the hospital near where the barrier is. Then don't stop at the hospital, just smash through the barrier! Might damage your car a bit, but that is the little price you have to pay. Drive to Downtown and buy the little house for $1000. If you don't have enough money, do taxi missions or kill people for money. Save the game and the bridge will be opened forever! You can but every properties but it is actually not a formal entry because some car has to drive on the bridge.

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Go to North Bridge (The bridge that connects Vice Point with Prawn Island). Stand on the side of the bridge, and wait until a boat comes. Once a boat comes, jump onto the boat, jack it, and pilot it to the mainland. Also, once you get to the mainland. buy The Skumole Shack (costs $1000). That way, you can save the game and do whatever you want in the mainland, anytime you want, simply by reloading the save file and not overwriting it.

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