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Help Please. In-Game only has taxi's and cops?

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I have been downloading mods for my GTA 4 with SparkIV, and my game version is I also have xlive.dll, and ScriptHook. When I go into my downloaded saved game all the Cars I can see are the taxi's, cops, and 1 oter car and the cars parked in my parking space. Does anybody know wat as happend? If so, please post here. Thank You!!

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Sometimes that happens with car mods or low memory. How much memory do you have? Was this issue there before installing the mods?

I have 358GB/594GB left on my computer but I do have a fair amount of car mods, about 25 car mods and 6 gun mods that didn't work. I don't see wat the problem is. When I spawn the cars I have I see them in traffic all the time. This problem was not here before I installed all the mods. I really don't want to reinstall the game just so I can put all the same cars back in the game and it happen all over again.

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