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Easiest Way for Cash (secret)

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Here's a little secret I've found out while playing Vice City. It will get you as much money as you want. (sorry if this has been discovered already). You will need: a cop car, and the bigbang cheat.

First, enter a police vehicle. Next, activate the missions and make sure you see the yellow targets on the map. Now, exit the vehicle and get back as far away as you can from any vehicles. Type in the bigbang cheat and you should go on to the next set of criminals. Repeat the same cycle, make sure to be away from any vehicles at all times. As you get farther, your money will increase, and your money problems will be solved forever.

Hope this helps anyone. :D

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Or, grab a baseball bat and start clubbing pedestrians at nighttime at Ocean Beach. As soon as they die, pick up the money they drop. As long as you are out of sight of the police, you can kill as much people as you like, without attracting a wanted level. (Note:I have tried this method myself, several times, and it has always worked for me).

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