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Whatever Happened to Mercades?


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Ok, so after you finish the missions with Love Fist and the Movie Studios you see no sign of Mercades, yet Kent Paul calls you after informing you about Mercades being somewhere in Little Havana. But whatever happened to her after you finish?

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Even though this is super old, I'll just reply for the sake of anyone coming across this thread in the future.

The users in this thread seem to be unsure about their answers. So anyways, you don't see her at all after the phone calls, even though she is mentioned a few times, sadly. And that's certain.

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Nobody knows what happens to Mercedes after the completion of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. However, it is presumed that she is still living in Vice City, at her Vice Point apartment.

I know Cortez calls after killing Sonny saying he's heard rumors that Mercedes is going to become a lawyer or something along those lines.

But apart from that, I don't think you really hear anything about what happened to her.

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