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Which card is better?


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Please friends help me.

I wanna buy a new card.

I have chosen 9500gt and 8600gt.

And i also wanna know which is better a 1gb or 512mb?


I have a 17inch monitor with 1024*768 resolution.

Does the memory affects the resolution.

Which one is better for me?

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9500 is better than 8600 slightly. neither of those cards are really good for gaming. but since you're only running a low resolution, depends on your CPU, ram etc it'll probably run ok.

gta4 you might have trouble with however COD/NFS/Burnout probably will run fine.

more memory is better, if you can get 1GB, do that instead of 512MB. maybe if you can stretch your budget another $20 or so, get ATi 4670

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Have to agree, go with the 9500GT if your choosing from those two cards. Anyways, since I haven't played GTA IV on my PC and I never really looked into the required specs to run it, but from hearing people complain about lag and etc... Your probably not going to be able to run the game very well.

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