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[SAMP] --[ Mafia City Roleplay ]--

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Old Mafia City RPG post of one of our member: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/24428-samp-mafia-city-rpg/


Mafia City RP

Server IP:

Forum: http://mafiacityrp.webffs.com

City: Las Venturas/Bayside

Slots: 40 Players

    • Las Venturas based Script
    - Factions/Businesses/Cars/Buildings are in Las Venturas and Bayside
    • Player-Friendly interface (Login/Register; Commands; Spawn Options)
    • Featured Position Saving System
    - Ownable Cars save where you exit them
    - Player Position saves when you quit game
    • Tutorial and Quiz for filtering
    - We want to keep quality RP on our server
    - Quiz contains yet easy but still important questions about basic RolePlay
    • Donator premium and rare commands (/togphone, /togwhisper, /name on|off, /accent)
    - Donate, help us make this server a better place
    - Get premium commands and lifetime premium status on forums
    • Admin Team for your ease(/admins and /irc)
    - MCRP has very good admins that are at your service whenever needed
    - The Admin Team is working very hard to ensure best RP on the server
    • Event Team with organized events and prizes
    - You can win houses, cars or premium status with joining and winning in events!
    • Best Mapping ever
    - Our server has one of the best mapping ever. Las Venturas is not what is was before!
    - Church, Impound Lot, Hospital, Quarry, Random Mapping, Bayside, White House,...
    • Car Ownership (Dynamic)
    - We have the ability to spawn ownable vehicles anytime/anywhere with a simple command
    - Rare car commands: /alarm /seatbelt /(un)lock /fcar
    • Rare police commands
    - Police can impound your vehicle, take your license away or taze using silencer
    • Driving School
    - We don't give driving license away just like that, pass the school first
    • Cell-phone(/call [number/911/444(taxi)/123/666]; /sms) and Phonebook
    - Need to call somebody, police,taxi,mechanic or hitman?
    • Guide Book(/guide)
    - Get the most out of Las Venturas with finding the most important parts of the city
    • Public Radio Station(/ad)
    - Need a Job? Selling something? Have anything to broadcast? Then advertise!
    • Ownable Shops/Gas Stations/Clubs/Houses
    - You can own unlimited businesses and houses
    • Dynamic house system
    - We can create unlimited ouses with a simple command
    • Featured Legal Jobs: Medic, Farmer, Taxi Driver, Detective, Lawyer, Bodyguard
    • Featured Illegal Jobs and Side-jobs: Gun Dealer, Drug Dealer
    • Featured Faction Commands(PD/FBI/GOV/SASF)
    • Legal Factions: SFPD, FBI, SASF, GOV, SA-News, SDC
    • Illegal Factions: Family Factions, Hitman
    • Mafia Wars
    - Wars between Families may occur and admins will manage them with commands
    • Entertainment
    - Las Venturas is not just Casino and Money, you can enjoy Paintball and Kart Racing!
    • Fighting Styles
    - You can learn up to 3 different fighting styles and use them in combat
    • Stocks
    - The Quarry is one of the most important place in our server.
    - The Quarry is the place where we keep all stocks such as weapons, alcohol and stuff.
    • Bank System
    - A very simple bank system with: /withdraw /deposit /transfer /balance ...
    • Radio System
    - Radio system for faction or civilian usage to keep contact easier
    • Other chat Systems
    - Faction OOC; Department Communication; Family Communication
    • Clothing System
    - We have several types of clothes shops where you can buy your favorite clothes
    • Laptop System
    - Faction Dedicated: You can check online members, news and stocks
    • One shot One kill System
    - Hitmans can use sniper to do a one shot kill assasination

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