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Property/Real Estate Ideas for GTA4

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Ugh. Sorry to be such a compulsive poster, but I've been play San Andreas for a good eight hours now and ideas just keep popping into my head...

Here's my ideas:

*Instead of pre-selected properties being available for purchase, the game should have houses constantly being bought and sold. For instance, let's say you take over a territory and allow crack dealers and prostitutes to infest the neighborhood. The property value should plummet, and houses will become for sale in the area. The homes can either then be bought by you or eventually they will either be purchased or fall into disrepair. Alternately, you could buy the homes, then clean up the neighborhood and then sell the homes for more than the buying price.

*I think that their should be a maximum amount of homes that you can own at any one time in GTA4. Considering that there were 32 properties availible in the game, I think that the total number you can own should be about 60, which accounts for not only the assorted safe-houses you buy, the places you automatically get from mission progress, but also the random properties you buy as a real-estate tycoon.

*Not that this necessarily fits with the topic, but it is MY topic, so I'll say it: I'd like for their to be some kind of gang fortress place you get during the game. Somewhat reminiscent of Big Smoke's Crack Fortress in San Andreas and the decrepit mansions found on Prawn Island in Vice City...some kind of large, rich-looking house, but completely covered in graffiti. It would have large, concrete walls, and many gang members wandering the halls. Like Vercetti Mansion, but way, way, waaay much more to do there.

Please criticize me for these, and tell me how dumb they are. (Actually, I want tons and tons of praise, but now if you criticize me, you look dumb...)

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Why are you apologising for being a compulsive poster, that's a good thing, at least it is when you can write coherently and your posts have a point. Good job.

I think your ideas are quite good although rather than have a set limit on the amount of properties you can own I think that rather it should be limited solely on the amount of money you have.

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Alright, in my eyes, this is walking the line between realism and way too real. I just don't see much to real estate in GTA. I get enough of that shit in real life((Florida is CRAWLING with "We Buy Houses" signs)).

A RICH looking house covered in GRAFFITI? What's rich looking about graffiti? Just so you know, SA is hopefully the last "gangsta" GTA we see. It was highly irritating and had absolutely NO replay value in the storyline.

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Well it doesn't have to be a gangbanger fortress. You could be in charge of a mafia and have a regular mansion or you could customize it to make it your own. Just a huge base of operations for your group, be it a gang, mafia, or some other organization. If some sort of gang customization comes into play, the fortress could be its main hub where you change the gang's options and settings, e.i. their weapons, colors, cars, ect.

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Yeah definitely. You're main place could be based on what kind of gang you have. If you're in the Mafia, you should probably have some big Godfather-style mansion. If you're in the Russian Mob (who, from my GTA4 Gang Ideas post, it appears, everybody hates...), you'd probably have some kind of well-guarded warehouse in the Docks district, and like I said, the Grove Street-type gangs would have the big run-down mansion. Yakuza could have a casino (though that might be too reminiscent of Kenji, Woozie, etc.), and maybe there could be some kind of drug cartel that has a giant crack factory. I don't know...maybe I'm stealing too much away from the other GTA's...

I'm sure people are gonna' have some fightin' words about this...

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