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  1. 1. Should I post one episode of this story per week?

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    • Not now, keep working

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Hey guys! So, 2 years passed since I last posted a story on this forum.Some of them were bad, some not.Since the loss of the story I was working on for a year, I started another one.This is a quick description:

-Based on real life, has nothing to do with GTA, though some references may be found

-Fantasy and Sci-Fi

-Large number of characters

-Future manga/anime [hope so]

-As always, Mature Content

-Divided in chapters, each with a number of episodes, each with its own name

-Team effort, doing this with another friend, and also some other mates

-Also added credits, thanking the people that inspired me and/or helped me

-Crude humor

So the question is if you guys allow me to post an episode weekly.It would be nice to have some readers.Note I will only post if you agree.



EDIT: Oops, forgot to mention:

-Story name: Ace of Spades

-Inspired by: 'Ace of Spades' song by Motorhead

-Main Character: Acelius 'Ace' Connor

-Short story: Aliens are trying to conquer Earth, but a rebel arrived on Earth, and found Acelius Connor, a lone gangster, on the streets of Chicago.They combined their powers to fight the Vectronians.Together with their new friends, they try to stop the invasion from 22nd December 2012 [events started on May 11th 2011]

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I don't understand the problem. Why would the admins stop you posting your story?

So long as you stick to the forum rules, it's fine. Don't put any unnecessary swearing, abusive language, racism/homophobia or any personal insults towards members of this forum. Don't spam people (like PMing then with "read my story") and don't advertise any other sites. I don't see how posting a story would break those rules, so carry on.

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You say I won't post the text directly on the site? Where exactly can I post them?

EDIT: But what if I create just one topic, and post the first episode.Then edit the post every time a new episode comes?

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You can't edit the post forever (there is a time limit), and that would be one HUGE post (there is a size limit).

You should reply to the topic with your next chapter. Then edit the first post with a link directly to each chapter's post.

I'd suggest just getting on with it, and we can worry about the organisation of it later :)

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