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  • First Name - Mike
  • Middle Name (Dont have one)
  • Last Name - Hunt
  • Mother's maiden name - Mureil King
  • Your NIN/SSN - 3234-78-7892
  • Credit card number and CC2 - 674382946371
  • Name of your first school - Mortville High School, Port Amor Jamaica
  • Name of your best childhood friend - Rudiard
  • Favourite teacher - Mr. Kelenski
  • Favourite colour - Burgundy
  • Pets names - Poochie
  • Date of Birth - 3/32/1978
  • The full address of your current house - P. Sherman 42 Walabyway, Sydney

I hope you guys let me become one :)

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butt i doidnt wan give you my info> :dribble::dribble: give me pyermisiionses you hav'et to,, i have a wright to hve themes M/ :wub::wub::wub::wub:

wens wedensdiy

Please note that on this forum, the preferred language is English, not 11-year-old. If you prefer to speak in your own language/dialect/baby-talk, you can do so in our International Forum.

I believe you said "But I don't want to give you my info. Please give me permissions, you have to, I have a right to have themes".

  • You can select a theme from the bottom-left corner.
  • We have 31,000 members, they can't ALL have a theme each. That would take up too much space, make the website too slow, and cause a lot of problems.
  • We prefer to just have one theme for this forum, because then we know that everything works properly and looks fine. If we had lots of different skins, that would be impossible.
  • If we let all 31,000 members have admin access, this forum would get deleted within 2 minutes. Obviously we can't let that happen, so we restrict admin access to trusted, long-term forum staff.

Please don't feel the trolls.

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