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Favorite FICTIONAL cars?


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Heavily modified cars such as K.I.T.T. count as fictional cars as well :D

Mine is:

1. Comet from GTA IV, made after: Porsche 911


2. Infernus from GTA IV, combination between: Lamborghini Diablo (main), Murcielago (detail) and Pagani Zonda F (sound and detail).


3. Jansen X12 / XS12 / X12 Carbon and X12 Polizia from Burnout Paradise, made after: Ferrari Enzo / FXX (main) and Koenigsegg CCX (detail).


4. Carson GT / GT Flame / GT Carbon / Nighthawk / GT Police / GT Toy car from Burnout Paradise, made after: Chevrolet Camaro 2010, Nighthawk version has influences from K.I.T.T.


5. Phoenix from GTA San Andreas / GTA Vice City / GTA Vice City Stories, made after: Pontiac Firebird Trans AM 1979.


Wuz ur?

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Bump. With the release of Mafia II I'd also add:

-Roller GL300 / Mercedes-Benz 300SL

-Smith Thunderbolt / Ford Thunderbird

-Shubert Beverly / Chevrolet Bel Air

To my favorites, now time to show off:


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