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Hey everyone!

There's a great new site that's started called GreenZap, it's just like PayPal except virtually anyone can use it, you don't even have to provide your bank or credit card details. And whatsmore, when you sign up you'll get $25.00 free! Yes that's right, $25.

Soon you will be able to pay for stuff online using this cash at stores such as Amazon, eBay, and many many more.

Sign up here and don't forget to put gtaplace as your referrer ;)

This next is important

It shows you how to get your free $25!

Login to your account and go to this page http://www.greenzap.com/zap/my-account/profile.asp

Enter "gtaplace" (without quotes) as the Zap ID and click submit and then submit on the next page again to get your money!

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Oh yes, I put a fake one in and I'm checking my fake email account. :rolleyes:

I went on there and resent the validation email, it worked. At first I didn't get my 25 dollars, but then I read your post again. It said Amazon was a partner so I rushed over to amazon.com and started searching for things. Found a 256 MB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo for $12.99. The stupid SOB wouldn't let me use GZ. Oh well. I have a free 25 dollars I can't use. Isn't that just.... convienant.

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