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E3 Disappointment


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Anyone else expecting it to be revealed at the E3, i'm not talking demos and trailers and gameplay videos, just a video with a sunny city people going around doing there daily routine when a car hurtles down the road being pursued by police, then just the screen goes black and it says V coming 2011

Erm.. yeah thats my impression of a trailer i'm quite excited about GTA 5 now, i reckon it's going to be in Vice city, same engine as IV and maybe slightly bigger map, possibly little bi-planes and parachutes,but nothing OTT

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Considering R* aren't/weren't there... no. But it would have been cool to do that yeah :P

Still, got all these to play before V is even announced:

CoD: Black Ops

Medal of Honor

Battlefield BC3

Killzone 3

Resistance 3

Gran Turismo 5

F1 2010

Portal 2

Crackdown 2

Gears of War 3

and probably some more I've forgotten...

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I would of been very suprised if they had revealed anything on V at E3. Personally the way I see their games

hitting the shelves are first Max Payne 3, L.A Noire, Bully 2, Agent, Manhunt 3?, finally V sometime in 2012.

Lot of good games coming out this year that are going to pass the time. I have my eye on Mafia 2, 2K is doing a great job.

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Guys, everyone needs to keep in mind, look back at the history reported for RDR.... it was seen in development since 2005 I read. That's a hella long time. To get a game that impressive requires more then the older 2 year wait. It's always hard on the maker's end to pound out some successor if they hit their mark after many years of build up, the games have gotten better, but it also has gotten bigger in scope, bigger in budget, and hit and miss with new hardware, programming for every new thing that comes along, that's tough work, I am always impressed as Hell by what we are seeing, but one should not take this work for granted either, I'd expect it to take a lot longer the better it gets. Sadly, the price to pay, but what speeds things along are two fold, the staff size, and learned techniques that are employed in new guises

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Guys, I don't think we need to wait long. According to some general chatter I have been hearing, GTA V will be released in 2012. Also, apparently COD 9, Halo 8, Medal of Honor 2 and Assassin's Creed III will also be released in 2012. At least we are getting good games to play before the world ends.

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