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ive run out of ideas and answers and they've all failed to work. i cant get cleo to run on gta. i did exactly what i was told to do and nothing happened. i already downgraded before i even knew about cleo. i went to sannybuilder.com and tried the auto installer and it worked, but when i clicked the desktop icon, it crashed, so i clicked on the alternative exe in the gta sa folder. it loaded up and i was able to play, but i closed out, put in the clusterbomb cleo script in the CLEO folder in the gta sa folder. i clicked on the alternative exe and it loaded up and i was supposed to see the cleo v3 or what ever it is at the bottom left of the main menu. i didnt. then i closed out, went for help, and tried it again. it didnt work because it crashed. im out of ideas and i want to use cleo mods. if you have ANY helpful stuff, please please please share it with me.

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