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[SAMP] San Fierro Roleplay!

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SFR-GTA Roleplay

Forums: http://www.sfr-gta.net


Vent: v79.darkstarllc.com:4190


The Script;

Completely creativly edited Godfather script.

We started off by taking just about every feature of the godfather script out. Moved the script to San Fierro and went from there.

Payday system with paychecks every hour on the hour.

Dynamic House System, allows a player to purchase a house wherever they want it.

Fire Alarm systems for the SFFD. (random fires)

Prison escape system. (players can attempt to break out of prison)

Custom Points (drugs, gun materials)

A little custom mapping done around the city.

The Admins;

Admins who have alts in gangs or factions do not have admin powers on those alts.

Friendly admin personal

We also dont have 10 thousand admins on at one time like most servers. Its leveled out. 1 Admin per few players. Makes it so that admins can be on non admin accounts Role Playing with the players.

The Players;

All users are given the chance to create a gang/crime family

Admins who actually help players instead of abusing them.

Help system and assigned helpers








Arms Dealer

Drugs Dealer




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