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Arbash (XXX Mod)

Stunting Rumble v2 [Stunt/Drift/Race/Freeroam/DM/RP]

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Stunting Rumble

Version 2

Server IP:

About: Stunting Rumble

Stunting Rumble, is an stunting server with full of fun. You can't do stunting only! You can Freeroaming, DMing, Drifting, Racing and others. Earn money and score by doing Reaction Test, Mathematics, DMs, Racing and by other things. Buy your property and get profit from your property. We got an fair staff, which are really friendly to players. They aren't are bad, they will welcome you on SR.

About: Server Hosting

Server currently is hosted on VPS. The server have 0.00% Lags, Location is Dallas, USA. Our server gamemode, filterscripts are fully optimized to get the best pings with no lagging!

VPS Specs:

A USA based, VPS. Located in Texas (Dallas)

Intel Xeon 3.44 GHz


Bandwidth: Unlimited

OS: Windows Server 2008

About: SRv2 IRC

You can connect to our irc channels !

You can use mIRC OR WebChat Client Mibbit

Server: irc.tl




About: Server Commands and Teleports

When you go in server, you can check out server commands by /cmds. For Help, you can see /help ! About the teleport, you can view all teleports by /teles ! There are 96+ Teleports, with full of fun and excitement!

About: SRv2 Community

We don't have big community yet, we need YOU to make it a big community. Please register on our community @ www.srforum.smffy.com !

About: SRv2 Fan Clubs

We are on Facebook! If you have registered on Facebook, join Facebook Page by clicking you Like, For URL: click me!

We are not only on Facebook, we're also at xFire !

Click Me!

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