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what is your favorite bike in sa

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I can't count how many similar topics were made. :P

NRG is my fav, and quite possible the fav. of everyone.[unless a faggot likes a faggio :P]

Ahem, excuse my language. :)

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NRG is my favourite as well. I like that sporty one you can find on the second island.. That is a NRG isn't it? I've forgotten xD

Assuming you mean S.F. by second island, probably you're indicating the one found near the dry-dock. It's the NRG-500 used for the NRG Challenge (chk.pt.), and there's also another between hangars at the Easter Bay Airport.

The most common find is when you begin the game in Los Santos: go over to the multi-storey carpark in East L.S. (north of the L.S. Forum), look for spawns on 2nd level & top.

There's also some interesting trivia associated with the number 46 that the NRG displays... look up in GTWiki.

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