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Ok, I'm new to this site. I'm from gtaforums and I heard about this site so I decided to join. Just wondering is this site in any way connected to gtaforums because it seems as if these two sites are almost identical in the way you post and reply. I've heard from friends on gtaforum and thegtaplace does not get a long that well. Is this true?

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:rolleyes: first of all welcome alfiewilrus to the TGTAP.I bet here you will feel just as fine as you were at the gtaforums well there are quite a few similarities between these two but if you are a die hard fan of gta then you can get along comfortably

Why are you rolling your eyes at him?

Anyways, every group of forums have rivalries. There are some people from their forum who don't like ours and some from ours who don't like them. It's not a huge rivalry, though, just a few people.

Welcome and stick around =)

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