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GTA 5 Ideas

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I Think GTA 5 should be like a GTA game not in Vice City,Liberty City or San Andreas or wherever else GTA has been but some other location and all the main characters of each game are featured (CJ [san Andreas], Victor Vance [Vice City Stories]) and you are a new character eg. Stuart Matthews, and you have to work for the some of the main characters of the other games the guys that you don't work for are your Friends/Buds and hang around with you. also i would like to see the ability to buy Properties/Businesses in this game and more mysteries for me and others (I'm sure) to explore and discover also more range of bikes and more weapons like adding the Sig 551 and the M16 and other weapons like that to your ever increasing arsenal. Those are my ideas :)

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GTA V should not contain sex scenes at all. It is just gonna give the series controversy, mass alterations (similar to the Hot Coffee controversy) and it will just tarnish the reputation of GTA and Rockstar Games.

GTA V should be set in a modern day, completely remade Vice City. It should be larger than GTA IV Era Liberty City.

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