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VCMM, Mod Installer or manual installation

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From your experience, is it better to install mods with VCMM, GTA Mod Installer or manually? I'm asking this because I've installing some car mods with the GTA Mod Installer and after some time playing with them it gives me the infamous unhandled exception error.

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I tend to take the manual route, that way I have a better idea of what is being added and where it is being added to, which is handy to know for possible debugging or resolving conflicts. Sure it is a little more work and takes a little time, but it is worth it to me in the long run to know what's what. I have seen threads with gamers having problems, or possible problems, with VCMM but I have no experience with GTA Mod Installer. Any mod installer will only be as good as the scripting/coding that makes it work.

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