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Stealin' for Livin'


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Howdy there.

For some days ago I was talking with a friend of mine and we got into the stealing and robbing topic; She claimed it is not wrong to steal if the person is starving and poor. Myself I don't really get along so well with that idea, as I've been raised and taught that stealing, no matter what, is not the best thing to do; And the way I think is that if some random man steals some other random mans stuff, we'll be at the same point as before, one gets a little cash and the other loses... Allthough, I do kind of agree that at some point, when a person ain't got any possibility to get something to eat, it might not be correct, but it's kind of okay.

Another thing is that very few cases of people that steal for living actually rise economically (My friend claimed that "you've got to start somewhere" when I mentioned that a mugger don't get riceher by stealing), but there we got pretty much a society problem where in some cases (countries) there are no welfare offices or charity programs, nor anything like that to help a starving man...

I've been thinking a lot on this topic, so *I just want some more opinions.

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That's pretty much a good point. There's also, IMO, a society problem where very few emplyers would give job to this people... But Evo' has a point, when you've got physical conditions to take someone down to rob him, you can definetly use that force to try to get a job... at least a non-legal job (Like painting a fence or something).

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