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PS3 firmware 3.56 ruins new hard drives

The Bossman

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It seems firmware 3.56 has a bug in that installing a new hard drive will render it corrupt. The HD isn't corrupt, more like the firmware's corrupt. I tried to install my new Samsung 640GB HD yesterday, turned it on, and it said the software couldn't be run. So, I did as it said and DLed Sonys firmware 3.56 onto a memory stick, put it in the console and pressed start and select, and then it said data is corrupt error 8002F225. Other people are reporting the same thing, I posted a topic on Sonys forum about it --> http://community.eu.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-3-General-Discussion/Rolling-back-to-3-55-help/td-p/12325397 So, until Sony release 3.57, me and many other PS3 users can't use the console until they release a firmware update that actually works. And no, don't bother mentioning installing custom firmware because it's a high chance you'll just get banned from PSN if you're discovered with it.

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Actually, my dad reinstalled my old HD and it works fine. As of this second, I have my external HD plugged in, and is backing up all my data. When the next firmware is out, once that's downloaded then I can change to my 640GB HD. Until then, stuck with my almost full 40GB. I'm happy the PS3 works fine though. Had to throw away the blue screw however. Not only did I strip the screw, I stripped the paint off the screw too and mangled the ends of it. Threw it away in the end, so ATM my PS3 has no blue screw inside keeping the HD steady.

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