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Donald love VS Darkel


Is it worth having Darkel in the game if it means Donald love dies?  

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  1. 1. Is it worth having Darkel in the game if it means Donald love dies?

    • Yes, I hate him
    • Yes, I like Darkel
    • Yes, I like him but him dieing is worth Darkels missions
    • No, I like him
    • No, I hate Darkel
    • No, I dont like him but hes worth more than the Darkel misions

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no i mean why was he taken out of the game

Tommy Vercetti Guy said 'Darkel was a bum-terrorist in GTA3 that lived in the tunnel near 8-Ball's in Portland. In one of the missions for him, you were suppose to fly the Full-Winged dodo into the love media building, but this was a recreation of the 9/11 attacks. Thus, R* removed Darkel and the full-winged Dodo so no one can recreate the 9/11 attacks.'

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so why would they put the dodo with small wings its a waste of space,it was no fun to fly,my best time of keeping it off the ground was 25 seconds.instead of the dodo they should have made helicopters or jets be flyable. :erm:

I didn't understand it either. Why make the wings smaller so it flies worse? you fly it into a building in a terrorist fashion, but it's ok to put it in as long as it flies shit and has smaler wings, WTF!

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