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Snow N Sun


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Well, There's considerable debate over the issue of Global Warming, I had a local discussion where I brought up the recent report on World Population and Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth.

Scientists were in a weather special on PBS not long after I had personal debates with two people I know who think the Earth is not gravely impacted by our Carbon Footprint, or Human impact. Save the Amazon, well, Polar Ice caps melting and warming the Oceans seems to be fact enough, and the Extreme waves of cold and warm causing violent storms is now presenting itself.

You see here, right this minute snow and wind are culminating in what is a MidWest Nor-Easter. We are over 10 inches of snow in one day and it won't end till 4PM on Monday! Two days, we have over a months' snow total in 12 hours, folks!

Over 60 inches when this winter closes. I've had enough, I can't tell someone I can get to a new job when I can't drive in the never ending, never fully plowed snow! I just came in from shoveling! Back breaking work and I am covered in sweat! That's the fun of winter, and then consider Emergencies and just driving ANYWHERE?!?!? Fires? In ice cold, don't expect to get them put out easily!

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Not...quite..sure...if I get what you're saying. If you're saying 'Global warming - look at the snow!' then that's a bit of an acute view to take as weather varies from year to year (fairly extremely in some cases) anyway. Don't be under the impression that by next winter all the eskimos and narwhals are going to migrate to central park.

I happen to think climate change isn't that big an issue, and Mr. Gore needs to start showing people his pretty little graphs in more context.


We need to discuss the real issue here...



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The Global Warming is a hot topic, more contested then it should be, after all, you wanna wait till it's too late? We're well on our way to the point where efforts that are not dramatic do not have much impact or hope. It's warming up here, to low 50s on the high end, MUCH snow has melted, over 60 inches when all is said and done, this season was No#5 in terms of snowiest on record! It's also been NASTY cold and windy and still WINDY! I dislike it, no sugarcoating, to be honest, SUMMER kicks it, we all know. We got a COLD sun at the moment, in between threats of rain.

As for the Global Warming, it seems odd that would mean COLDER then normal temps, but it's been said on a recent NOVA or similar Public TV special that that's scientifically what happens. Extreme temps and conditions become commonplace. The years Japan face in getting back to normal is indicative of what we will face if NATURE has HER way!

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