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I'm cursed, I tried to tell myself I wouldn't buy a new PC till I sell something, parts or full working desktop or laptop, and what happens, I see a PC deal or one discarded I am driven to power up and refurbish. As it happens, I've built up a collection of PC and laptop that rivals the cat and dog hoarders of the World, or women and their makeup and shoe buying habits, that's bad folks!!

So, when and how many, say you?

If you have a pictures of what one YouTuber described as his "Nerd Cave", that would be the general idea with this thread.

I just gave away two old PCs for free, and I did spend as much time as I could updating them entirely, the best VERSIONS of software that would run on a machine with Windows 98 and 32MB of RAM, to use the last one for an example. I have a Toshiba 90Mhz Satellite laptop that has a proprietary memory module, only 42MB or something, shared by system Ram, however, do you guys even know what EDO DIMMs look like?!? hahaha

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