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New York Law Enforcement (NYLE)

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NYLE role-play 79th Precinct clan, this clan provides law enforcement experience that relates to NYPD procedures. The NYLE clan is a Xbox 360 clan for GTA 4 (Grand theft Auto 4). This clan is to help individual understand law enforcement experience and procedure that relates to NYPD. We are a realistic role-play clan, were self disciplined, respectful, courtesy, and professionalism. Our role-plays works in a Team-Death-match lobby within the GTA 4 game. The role-play consist of 4 crooks and 12 officers, each officer will have their own R.M.P (Radio Motor Patrol aka Police cruiser). Our crooks are just as trained as cops, for both position you will need to be train upon to be certified. Any misconduct that is going to throw any role-play off, there will be suspension given out those individuals. In this clan we strive for giving the education about law enforcement to those who may be interested in the following the Criminal Justice Path



(while searching for our website, we strongly recommend you to copy and paste the link on a url box)


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