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GTA New Vice City 2007

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Hello everone, I'm new on here,and I just recently discovered mods for the gta series.

I downloaded a mod called 'REAL VICE CITY' where you play the short version

of new vice city mod, which includes drinking at the malibu, plus a 'wanted level 2'

if you're caught drink driving. I own the 2007 version of new vice city, although

there are new versions, but i prefer the 2007. I would very much like it

if the drink driving with the wanted level was added to my version of the game.

Can anybody out there please help me with this?

I have sanny builder, but I haven't a clue how to mod,.

I just need help knowing where exactly to edit the drink driving

wanted level in the main.scm txt.

thanks in advance.

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