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Answer The Phone!

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I just discovered why my safe house save markers were disappearing, rendering a few of them pretty much useless. At first I thought that it was a built-in punishment for using cheats and/or a trainer but that it not the case. Maybe this is common knowledge by now, but I have been playing VC off and on for years and just observed this glitch over the last couple of months or so and did not find it discussed anywhere else.

So what happened is that I loaded a gave, picked a fight, got tired of it, went to save at a purchased safe house and the save marker was nowhere to be found. So I went to maybe two others and the same deal, even at the Ocean Beach Hotel. I chalked it up to cheats and just backed up to a previous save with all of the markers still in tact.

Then today I did the same thing: picked a fight, went to save, no marker - this time at the Malibu Club. However, I had not wandered anywhere or saved anywhere else. So I reloaded the same file, the blankity blanking phone started ringing as usual (I never answer it because I just don't care), and the marker was there. Picked a fight while the phone was ringing and when it finally stopped I was looking at the spot where the marker should be and it never reappeared. I am playing a store bought, non-patched copy of Vice City on PC.

So if you do not want this to happen to you, ANSWER THE D##N PHONE! MM

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