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I am not all that active, since I am committed to my friends forum and offline typo things, so not sure why I can't find a Saints Row topic here, but if you're like me, Saints Row and any GTA inspired game is less a rip-off then it is more of the same style 3D FreeRoaming Real World adventure game, and the ideas as I see it can be plenty, however, I don't like them deviating too far. The next title out this fall;

Saints Row THE THIRD

Looks to actually steal more thunder from GTA which as a title, sits idle.

With the Teaser amount of information thus far, what are your opinions? Do you think You'll be more or less impressed as more is known? Will you be getting one or the other, or... GTA for sure, a given??

As far as the title, I was not sure where to post any SR topics as we learn more about it, but it looks rather revamped thus far.

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I would think that GTAV or whatever it'll be called will beat Saints Row 3 easily, no question, but in terms of pure dumb fun then Saints Row would be the better choice. I'm not interested in it because I prefer the storytelling in GTA, much funnier and more intelligent, and I prefer GTA4s open world to Saints Row 2.

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SR3 Teaser, I lol'd hard when I saw it

N E way, I only liked the 1st Saint's Row, not more than GTA San Andreas but it did have improvements, and the customization was particularly good. Only thing I completely hated about it was the vehicle design, Saint's Row has the ugliest fictional cars I've ever seen.

I've finished the story on a friend's Xbox, and got to play around a bit with Insurance Fraud hehe.

Saints Row 2 was... well 1st of all it runs, and I can't even believe this, 3 times worse than GTA IV. I was expecting my PC to handle Saints Row 2 at least with the graphics to medium and at 40 FPS.

The gameplay... well IDK how but they managed to f*ck up the driving so bad that it makes the mechanics in GTA IV seem uber realistic. Apart from that, it feels like a broken platformer. The customization is ok but with such ugly cars I don't think I want tuning... and creating costumes is a pain cause I have to run back to the shop if I wanna change the color of one item etc... and the story, don't even get me started on the story.

Saints Row doesn't come anywhere near GTA. Mafia, both 1 and 2, maybe.

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I believe that's the clear difference, story narrative and a unique twist from the people behind it, namely Dan Houser, someone who's not a lifer in terms of videogame design/scripting, so there's a unique perspective. Saints Row maybe looking to separate from the comparisons by involving more from story and characters, but the mechanics those two games share will likely stay the same, for one thing, it's intuitive to share control scheme across platforms, games, systems, etc.

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Hmmmmmmmmmm " omg decision decision " instead of make my brain hurt i say this


Is liberty city like NYC because you both get the good,bad and um the WEIRD but what so cool about is the story lines and it action with plot and twist and how ope it is

Saint Row 2

Is a GTA Clone but what set it apart and make it so cool....................one word " customization "

So my pick we since i own GTA 4 / EFLC / Saint row 2 i say they are good in there ways and i will say this " game informant " is bias against games by giving a medium rating

Game Informant 8.75 / 10

While other likes

Gamespot 8/10 rating

Gamespy 9 1/2 rating

While euro gamer give it a high rating


and game informant is own by gamestop which i despises as evil and very bias company when it come to games rating

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Sorry " when overboard "

I was just saying that my belief is that " game informant " will give a bad rating to games that is good and vice versa and how game reviewer will high mark to game that deserve it

Ohhh ok that makes perfect sense.

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I gotta say i really enjoyed the first two Saints Row games a lot. However imo, GTA wins hands down, with its stronger story lines, very memorable characters, better physics and just generally far more fluid and slick gameplay. I have never failed to become totally immersed in all the 3D GTA games, like i was physically there myself acting out the story, something which the Saints Row games have never really done for me.

I will be getting SR3 though. Need something to fill the void between GTAIV and the next installment.

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It seems that THE THIRD will be a departure both from previous SR and GTA copy-cat status, we shall see, but I also think with the wait for new, full on Rockstar North GTA, till fall next year, or early 2013? That it will garner more attention from the GTA starved game-player, but my good buddy Mike lamented that no one is taking on copying GTA at it's core, proper. Which is a damn shame seeing how easily every other idea in the gaming universe is liberally stolen. It's clearly a case where more is a good thing for those who love this stuff and pay their cold hard cash for the pleasure?! Why are the studios not lining up to get that pie?!?!?!?

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I'm looking for the RDR thread, and I find I didn't get back on these old topics in some time. Let's update / preface by saying, my interest in SR was never higher then when I first saw it, my friend Rob bought it and thought it better then GTA by a country mile, but I never got into it in that same regard, GTA just has that "special sauce" as others have said, and it's a magical mix that's as if your family made the game and you can totally relate. Not everyone in the same regard, but it's like that in terms of the attraction to GTA.

SR3 is not at all like I thought it might be, though I could tell they'd go with an Everything AND the Kitchen Sink approach in terms of an anything-goes approach.

I don't have it yet because of my dismay in what I've seen of the game, it's over priced for what I want and expect to get out of it, even used, here.

Saints Row can still improve by doing an actual reboot that takes itself a LITTLE bit seriously. I felt it wasn't totally alien to the GTA fan and can appeal to them as such, but it takes stealing a little ingenuity from Rockstar's crafters

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A bit of a bump, w/ SR4 & GTA5 it seems timely. A couple things to start off


1): Johnny Gat = Epic, Trevor would be his towel boy.


2):Saints (2) has the septic avenger, the closest GTA gets is a fire truck.  A fire truck isn't

bad, but it's not a septic truck.


3): Saints 2, 3, & 4 have co-op integrated into the main storyline, GTA still has separate co-op



4): Saints doesn't have 1 thing GTA has the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine.  They're better

off w/out it. 


Saints 2 would of been tho one to steal R*'s crown but was just unstable, I've lost count of how

many times my X360 froze up, almost never happened in GTA except for GTA online (R* will

probably get that sorted eventually).  I've heard nightmare stories about PC SR2 that give the

first week of GTA online a run. 


The DLC tends to be skimpy in Saints.


On the GTA side you have good game theory, the missions are put together well & switching

between between characters on the fly is a good touch.  As for DLC I am looking forward to

seeing what R* comes up w/.  Granted the Beach Bum pack was a little lacking but the price

was definitely right. 


So, Homie, you jackin' The BMW or the Benz?

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I don't think even WatchDogs will be any real competition for GTA, and the TV ads for the typical CoD we still see, even with GTA V's record breaking status, they still feel like the Blacksheep in gaming, and the underdog. I think part of this is Rockstar Games being so secretive, they don't share openly with the rest of the gaming market mechanisms whether it's press or industry, as a whole. They do give info out, but sparingly to say the least!

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GTA V is leagues above Saints Row IV. It would have been a different story if SR was actually fun like it used to be. SR2 was the best one.

I have watched a longplay of the first Saints Row game on YouTube. It looks like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Prozac.



I love this definition.


I liked SR3, but I can't get into SR4. Way too different. I'll keep trying though, I mean why not. We don't have much comparable at the moment that hasn't been overplayed.

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