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cheat activated during a very hard mission

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during my mission end of the line a cheat got activated while chasing tennpenny i use the ADSW controls with my left arm but unluckely and luckely i completed the mission on the 7th try which was when the cheat activated itself so i saved because i was tired of doing the mission all over again and again

so i want to know if anybody knows a cheat including the ASDW buttons and if it will affect getting 100%.

An if it will please tell me so i can use my backup file and do the mission over AGAIN.


if you answer

from a gtafan

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I used to get this quite a bit on a gamepad. Never did find out what it did. The only thing you can draw from that is that the cheat may have been and up/down/left/right combo. I'd say from experience it's nothing to sweat about, but maybe just google up the codes and see what they are / might be and then find out if it'll affect getting 100%

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Actually I should of been more detailed. Avoid saving the pedestrian riot cheat and saving, but with the 50 or 500 cheat thing, if you go over 50 or 500 before the Madd Dog mission in Las Venturas involving a building and truck(vague mission detail incase you haven't beat it yet)you can't beat it. But after completing the mission, feel free to cheat.

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I thought the Pedestrian Riot cheat only affects the Madd Dogg mission. Never did hear about there being an absolute cheat limit.

I'd say if it's not too difficult and if you're afraid that you might type another cheat accidentally to use the arrow keys instead of WASD but it might get some getting used to and might change the way you shoot and drive and other things.

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