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wierdest thing ever happend to you

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Being chased at high speed by the country cops, losing control, crashing into the water works building and flipping upside down, and before I even had a chance to exit the car the "Busted" screen appears and the cop is standing over me with gun drawn - like he just popped out of the fast moving cop car right on top of me. The most ridiculous "magic bust" that has ever happened to me.

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For me, landing planes in Las Venturas on the freeways around there, it's plenty fun to create car crashes galore. Some of you OLD game players of SA since day one, you may recall an article pointed out that planes trajectory was hoped to be corrected when it was noted they hit low objects (tall ones from the ground though!) and that would have proved too time consuming, they felt the random act of a plane crashing and exploding proved a fun addition, a HAPPY accident for the series and installment.

If you are not sure what I mean, in a few cases, cause a plane to fly overhead by entering a restaurant to get some food or drink, as you exit, a plane can normally appear at low altitude and gain height from there, if the position is near something in the way, like the radio towers above Vinewood sign and hills (Hollywood in GTA gaming), A plane actually fell on me in that location, rather unexpectedly. It's one of the nice attributes that makes the more mundane aspect of GTA open world gaming come alive!

I believe adding these elements back into the GTA franchise in better GTA graphics of course!

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