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do the gaming media " lied and cheat " on gamimg review


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I have to get this off my cheat and just say that is disgusting for what i saw for the last few years in new games release and is doesn't matter if from a console or pc and i just want to know do the gaming media lost is standard and how the rated a games by say a shi@#y is good and a good games as bad and is just sicken me that gamer now have to be VERY cautious about who they can believe and i think alot of people in the gaming community fell the same ways about this

and the same go for the retailer and how they do the same BS tactics that you the consumer cough $40 - $50 and is a shi@#y games and you can't take it back and one of worst is must be " gamestop " i see time and time again that salespeople must push those games even is a good or horrible games and one of the move is this they will BS the customer all the times

and i sorry for this major rant but we do have people in the gaming communities who finally spoke about this " Jeff Gerstmann " who gave kane and lynch dead men 6/10 and was fired by whom gamestop who was under pressure from eidos so who they will side " EIDOS " and fired him....................


and here some example Game Informer to me is a crappy magazines and is VERY bias when it come to a review you see other media will tell a gamer how it is and why this games is good or bad but with them they will give a crappiest games a good rating while a very good games is okay and that my whole point and BTW Game Informer is part of GAMESTOP and bring me back to my 2 point the retailer and how they force gamer !

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(I couldn't understand some of your post).

I think it is wrong to call games good/bad, or even to rate them. For every game, someone somewhere is going to love it; and someone else is going to hate it.

Reviewers should concentrate on telling us what the game is like, what it is trying to be, whether it succeeds at what it's trying to be, and who it is best suited for.

For example, a review on Battlefield might say it's a good shooter but the storyline is light and there's not much else to do. That means that people who just want to run around killing will like it, and people who prefer deeper, more involved games won't.

A review on GTA IV might say it's realistic and has an extensive storyline, but it doesn't feel as fun or wild as GTA VC or GTA SA. The car handling is a lot more realistic, but the combat is not great, and it looks gritty and depressing. That means people who like racing cars or just doing missions will like it, but people who enjoy doing crazy things (blowing shit up, jetpacks, breaking into army bases, going on killing rampages in tanks) will get bored.

I think that would be a LOT more useful.

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Mmm there are good and bad games man, sure some people might like them more or less than others, but the reviewer's job is to predict / indicate / whatever, how a game would be received by the majority. Problem is that reviewers like IGN rate games like this:

Graphics +

Gameplay ++

Story +

Not Call of Duty, Halo or Mass Effect ---

The developers didn't bribe us (enough) ----


Fanboy-ism and corruption both get in the way of a fair review. So far the only game I can think of that was given a fair 10/10 is ummm... ummm... ok you got me, there is none.

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and that my point i think 2010 will be the year of suck a@@ games " well some " but the majorities of them will be great i will only look at games ether a new title or a sequel that the time and effort is put into and let me give you an few example

the original alone in the dark series i was a big fans even those the graphic was not pretties the story lines make it up and is was a awesome series then in 2008 the made a new version and i was psych and i wait about a few month until the price drop and i bought and to be honest IT SUCK

*Bad camera angle

*The control of the characters was god awful

*Overall was a bad bad games



Also as for the rating whoever give this games more that a 6 rating should go to there office and just jump out there windows and DIED !

What about

Kane and Lynch 1 and 2 those of the games i really like cheer on the badguy or should i say that cheer on how much this games suck suck suck so badly and that is another problem if they saw the original and how badly it perform they would the put more effort in the sequel and is would have done better that the original

Godfather Series

I owned the pc version of Godfather 1 was my eyes a "so so okay" games but is was good and very nice story lines but is fail with it come to graphic and when they did the sequel and from what i read in the review they should have done better

Splinter Cell Series

When it come to this series and how past splinter cell and how they came out excellent i have a problem with stall out and 2 of them i really have to say i very disappointed

Double Agent


To me is was BAD very very very put together the story line was there but where is fail it all the small glitches and the patches that "ubi soft" promises NEVER work and when you call customer support if you have the pc gamer and after you explain the problem and your spec they will blame the gamer for having a UNDERPOWER PC and when i told them i do have a gaming laptop at the time they didn't care but still is came play the other splinter cell and vegas 1 and still they said my machines suck



That games to me have prudential and is was VERY promising but where is fail is one thing " campaign battle was too shot and the same with the story " eventhought the story lines was strong is was too short and if there any plus that well it this the you can hide in the shadow and confuses your enemy and sneak up for that easy kill

R6 Vegas



The first one i really like so i was awaiting for R6 vegas 2 and that when it sorta fell off track the camera angle can be an issues the aiming was off you can hit the enemy at a distant or if you see them they will only take a few hit also the AI seem to be like they want to inflict mass amount of gun fired and never have a change to return fire and the same with the corner and object but where is fail is the ordering system is was awful the team mate never listen and the worst they never follow order or if you team them to cover you they fired a few shot and that it

Bioshock 2


I'm not gonna bash it with a hammer or flamethrower i bought and i like it...........but is was very buggy for the pc version expectantly if you have windows 7 and vista

And here more example of good games that i owned and got shi@@y rating







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2010 was last year I think...

i know that is 2011 but i just pointing out last years was not a good year for new release and the same go for past release that is my opinions and i think it will be the same for 2011 and any other futures releases until theses games " that will come out " and we will see how is turn out because a good games will always come with a bad in behind


Next splinter cell sequel

Next Medal of honor sequel

Next COD sequel

Fear 3

Bioshock 3

Mirror Edge 2

Frontline 2

Battlefield bad company 3

Red Faction Sequel

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I hate all of those games XD Except the 1st one of course. N E way:

-Mass Effect 3

-Need For Speed 2011

-Max Payne 3

-Portal 2 (only 2 days omgomgomg)

-Duke Nukem 3D

-Shitload of The Sims 3 expansions

Still, 2009 and 2010 were both disappointing so I'm skeptical...

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Aside from a very restric group, I dislike most reviewers. They are retarded, they have double standards and they fail to judge a game fairly if it is a low profile one, but let he new Mass Effect game they'll get a huge boner and forget about all the shit that Mass Effect has in it and just give it a 9+/ 10.

Honestly, I think reviews shouldn't have scores attached to them, just let people judge the review by the written information the reviewer passed along, you put a score and suddenly no one gives a shit about the wall of text you just wrote.

But seriously, I don't even read reviews anymore, I just buy games on impulse, I read about what they are and who are the developers and I get a sense that I'll like the game, more people should do that.

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Yeah well that's the reason why I don't let game reviews affect my buying decisions any more. Like you said sometimes you might enjoy a game and think it's great but it seems like every other review out there seems to criticise the game (for me that game is The Darkness).

If I like the look of a game I'll get it. My opinion on things is very different to everyone else's, it's the same for everyone too.

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"Buyer Beware" I suppose. Sure there are many many games that are polished turds, but a little research can save a gamer from wasting money on them. I would think that online communities and discussions, such as TGTAP, would be better places to gain insight about whether or not a game is a "best" or a "bust" before purchasing - if they are available. Game "reviewers" are almost certainly going to be somewhat leery of being overly critical of the developers that basically give them a purpose for their existence. Worst case scenario is that you can always take the "busts" to a resale shop and get hosed... again, but at least you will recoup SOME of your money.

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Yeah well that's the reason why I don't let game reviews affect my buying decisions any more. Like you said sometimes you might enjoy a game and think it's great but it seems like every other review out there seems to criticise the game (for me that game is The Darkness).

If I like the look of a game I'll get it. My opinion on things is very different to everyone else's, it's the same for everyone too.

The Darkness is awesome man. But yeah, the game got kinda fucked over by the reviews.

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At GTW, we're starting a new project. This is a whole load of of gaming wikis joining together to make a new independent network.

We're making a wiki about games, and having an article for every game, including basic information but also having reviews.

Now, instead of 1 person giving the game an arbitrary score out of 10 for the wrong reasons, we're letting the whole community give their opinion, and essentially producing a set of justified recommendations based on that.

For a simple example: "FPS fans will love this game because it gets straight to the action, but those who prefer deep storylines and side-quests probably won't feel very satisfied. This is a game you can just pick up and play, without having to spend months building up your character, great for casual gamers but the MMORPG player might find it a bit simplistic."

What do you guys think of that?

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