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Today I installed some mods:Cover system,Gta 4 camera and Gta 4 hud and Gta 4 weapons all for Gta San Andreas.Everything is fine,except this:http://img189.imageshack.us/i/gtasa2011041820261996.jpg/

What should I do so I can see how much ammo I have.If you want to see the mods go to this link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK2_5G9TpWw

Thanks in advance.

P.S:I made the video :P

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Try going out and picking up / buying some ammo to see if it brings it to life, even shooting might help.

Nope,still the same.In addition,when I uninstall the game and install it back,I don't have the Gta sa hud,it shows nothing.And I'm pretty sure I installed it correctly.

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The IV showing up after reinstall is because the files were modified, and the uninstaller doesn't have the permissions to uninstall files that aren't exactly how they were. If you want your SA hud back, uninstall, delete the folder where your game was and all leftover files... and then reinstall.

As for the original problem, idk what that could be as I've never used the mod before.

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Ahhh I honestly don't understand why people take the GTA IV Hud and Camera over the default SA ones... oh well.

Cause of the problem could be the author not adding the ammo to the U.I., happens, there are a lot of GTA IV U.I. mods out there so try installing a different one.


You might have a different U.I. mod that conflicts with this one...

Oh and the Hud not appearing, do what MrLlamaLlama said and also check the options to see if it's disabled. Some of these mods disable the default Hud.

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