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Good skin maker ?


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Hi i am using adobe photoshop and SOMETIMES MS paint but when i use it I'm very aqurat

but I'd like to have a skin maker or model maker because i don't really know how to make tommy have boobs (not that I'm pervy it's just that boobs go out of the shape EX like I'm in a cheetah i can only change the appearance as far as i know,i cant put a big ball on it) or tiny legs and helping me ALOT

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i don't really know how to make tommy have boobs

Thanks for the new signature. :hurrhurr:

Anyway, if you wanna make a model I think you need zModeler or something like that, for textures stick to Photoshop but AVOID Microsoft Paint AT ALL COSTS. It's not an editing software it's just a toy.

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During the download? Print screen/copy paste it. 'Stupid error' is not as helpful as you'd think it is in figuring out whats wrong.

Downloaded and working fine for me.

English version (may not give sense) This program could not start because the application configuration is incorrect. If you install this application may fix the problem.

Norwegian (i dont think this gives sense either) Dette programmet kunne ikke starte fordi programkonfigurasjonen er feil. Hvis du installerer dette programmet på nytt, kan dette løse problemet.

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