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Achievement System

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Gta gurus were the forum leaders right? or am I missing something here?

A bit different. Gurus (when the system officially starts) will be recognised GTA experts and generally helpful people, nothing more. They will not be staff or moderators and they won't have specific jobs to do.

I understand that atm there is no real reward for just being helpful, and this is one of the things we'll be doing to change that (:


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Ooh admins still on the works. This is a replacement to the normal awards/achievements right? Or...?

The annual Member Awards are for more-involved members of the community to be recognised by the community. Only a handful of people will receive an award, but it's still a big event for the community. We didn't run one this winter due to inactivity (it's not very fair when only a few people are around) but we'll get back into this when things pick up. Hopefully some of the other changes will help it pick up.

The Honours system (which shows up under your avatar) is new, and that's something all users can get involved in and work towards. This will be constant, not just once-per-year, and you don't need an admin to grant you an honour.

GTA Gurus are valued members who will be granted a special honour (and a couple of extra tidbits) for being awesome at what they do - helping people and being experts on GTA. We give them a visible honour for the benefit of other users (to know who to trust) and to make it worth their while.

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