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Best Fail Stunt

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Ok heres mine:

I was stunting like usual on top of buildings with a parachute for safety. BUT the parachute can kill u. i suddenly fell off my bike and i hit the wall and sliding down then SQUISH! >.<:bashhead::mellow::gappy: so good bye to my minigun :(

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Sounds boring.

I rarely fail at stunts so... only failed stunt I can remember was in SA-MP, we were doing like Cross Backflip Suicide Jumps with the Quads (4 Packers in a + shape and Satchels in the middle, there were 8 of us) for a video and, well, we were synced so well that we crashed into each other above the Satchels and 5 of us got nailed by the explosion. The other 3 fell in the fires lol.

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