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Help! About costume/ outfit/ skins

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So guys, I have three problematic about the costume/ outfit/ skins.

1. Can I replace the default skins with the in game outfit? For example, I want Tommy always wear the golf club outfit, althrough he is wasted or busted or during cutscene, is it possible?

2. I want to wear some othe chaacters' outfit, like Lance and Colonel Cortez's, ia it possible to have exactly their outfit wearing by Tommy instead of using cheat? Of course, I just want their outfit, not their appearance, keep Tommy's face.

3. Is it possible to edit in game outfit? For example, I want to edit the Rafeal outfit, I mean the blue version of Lance's outfit. Is it possible?

Sorry for too many questions, but I really want to have new outfits. So, thanks for answering!

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