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Need inspiration,ideas suggestions (whatever u call it)

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NOTE: Extended till 31th May so if you have any idea like any vans or swag or dc or

volcom t-shirt or something cool or ANY suggestion PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAAASE post it and I'll even soon if you help me throughout my texturing while I'm on TGTAP I'll buy YOU any game card worth 20$ ! (So runescape players or WOW players or any1 who wants Minecraft keep updated and maybe you get the prize !!!

FB: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000906526444

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AhmedAlSkater

Thanks and Good Luck )

Yo guys I'm back

Sorry i didn'tpost out any mods but I'm to busy with schoolwork but i have a few days to make

my "Skin Pack Ultimate By TommyVercitti" with skin making tuts !!!!

I need some cool suggestions before end of this week so i can pick out the best (Dont't hesitate 'bout posting your idea all of them will 100% be included and you also get the credits!). So maybe

YOU are one of those who are displayed in the credits !!!!

To make it easy, divide it into points like this:

Shirt:Tommys t-shirt should be black with a golden DC logo.

Pants:Same as default just a bit brown.

Hands/arms:Dragon tattoos.

Shoes:Same as default just a bit dark cyan (not to much dark only medium dark)

Reason for your suggestion to be displayed in the pack:I'd really like to help you

(Please only post VC skins not burgers or anything Off Topic like TUN3R did on the same post)

Edited by TommyVercitti

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