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The Chain Story

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Someone will write part of a story. EG-Niko then stole a car and traveled to...

Then the writer must add up to five options for the next writer.

Any person can take over from that point


No more than 5 options for a story part

You are not allowed to kill off main characters EG-LJ, Niko, Packie etc. NOTE you can kill Niko, he just respawns at the hospital

No cheats. EG-Then Niko got infinite health and armour

Who ever posts first between 2 more people the first story will continue as normal, the 2nd or 3rd story replying to a same story part must edit their post and must say 'never mind this' to not cause confusion

No supernatural sh*t that isn't in the game

Please do not edit your story if it IS used already by another writer

You can say Niko finds weapons but only in correct and real spawn points in the game

The same writer can NOT reply to their own story

Please pay the most attention to the Underlined and Bold Rules.


Okay, I will go first.

The main story missions are over, Niko then gets a phone call from a mysterious person...

Who is it?

1.U.L. Paper Guy

2.Mayor Ochoa

3.Darko (if spared)

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