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[WIP|SA] Vigilante Justice

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That's right, not "GTA: Vigilante Justice"... Need a proper logo.

It's been a long time since I was here!


GTAForums topic (it looks better :P)

Official Development Thread

Deji on Twitter

Deji on Youtube


(Gas Grenades turned into Stun Grenades).


A planned aspect of Vigilante Justice is that there are two types of weapons. Street weapons and standard-issiue police weapons. This becomes part of the storyline which missions are based around..


If I could get some more help with this, I would cry tears (of joy) [current helpers: ceedj (thanks for that, by the way)]

A bit much to ask for maybe... but at least I'm not aiming for a total conversion that involves new peds, cars and maps etc. My goals are considerably realistic.

If you need to contact me about helping with the mod, use GTAForums' email feature.

Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, etc. If anyone has any tips on making the topic look better, that'd be great. It will probably help to remove the spoiler tags, which I can do one I get the help.

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